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Groupware server special offer


Limited time span we are doing with a preferential offer starting and
small enterprises, non-profit onto organisations provision
Groupware server hosting

All claims satisfactory with a server base, Microsoft Outlook, KDE Kontact, Mozilla Thunderbird for clients and syncml corresponding on your mobile phone. Devices - contact - task - calendar - document collection all in your synchronization. It can exchange groupwork which is capable of the practical redemption of the server. (Groupware) Servers local and our company started his web operation more...

Complex IT and back-office services

We have extended our IT services with many office-based serices, such as archiving, document- and data medium annihilation, digital archiving etc.


Welcome to CONTRAS Ltd.'s web pages. This site contains essential informations from our firm and our services. We have developed our comany continuously, up dating daily with newer and newer informations hits for you, in this way worthy to the return.

Our business policy

Our company vocational are based on our technical preparedness suitable for small to medium-size enterprises towards overall informatics and office background service basiced of your needs. That gives you over all satisfaction.
Our prices conforming to our customers demands in all cases. We based our service to your advantage personalised for you needs, with mutual benefits for roaming. We develop it in this manner to strive to mantain long-term cooperation with our clients.

Our service areas:
Hardware - software

  • Realization and service
  • Complex system administrator and system administrator activity
  • Software development, counseling

Office background services

  • Data rescue, safety data storage
  • Digital archiving paper basis from data mediums backups and the paperless in an office's interest
  • Safe data processing, safe data management
  • Guaranteed document- and data medium annihilation
  • Printing, typographical preparation
  • Signboard-making nameplates, graving
  • Enveloping, letter dispatch

Services being attached to internet

  • Webdesign, website making, operation
  • Web hosting, Web storage
  • Operaion of various servers
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


All claims satisfactory with a server base, Microsoft Outlook , KDE Kontact, Mozilla Thunderbird for clients and syncml corresponding for your mobile phone.You have devices - contact - task - calendar - with document collection capablitys with in synchronization. You can maintain open-xchange which is one of the main reason how we are working to continued to improve your sevices. With the Microsoft Exchange servers you have a practically substitute. You get a professional groupwork (Groupware) servers that is local . We started this web operation.

In groupwork like that / teamwork is software which will gives access to everything of your colleagues simply. With the usage of a this software you can be efficiently . localting any infomation without temporal bars / with in your organations correspondence. You can see document and others task treatment relateing to thier workflows. You can then coordinate others projects and hepl to control the jod. Or you my want the opposite and you may not want this. You can not spend a sum with a multimillion order of magnitude even with this software. You need to make a purchase of hardware. For more information write to us..

Quasi for the price of the collection place. Frist is that you can reached us promoted with your server application,

  • There are several differing operational of ones own systems (Microsoft/Unix/Linux) which can be ran and reach with in the client program (Outlook ©, Kontact ©, Thunderbird ©) As within an overhaul or automatically it can be synchronized,
  • Synchronized with clients application of your data. off-line the user may use it without compromises.
  • Widows © Mobile, PPC ©, Palm © his operational mobile phone devices using a system, his palm computer, or syncml his mobile phone applying a standard contact - task - the data of a calendar public WIFI, Wlan, GSM, GPRS using a contact overall from a distance can be synchronized



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