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Our service areas :

- Sales of hardware items
- Hardware maintenance and service
- Operation os servers


- Sales of software
- Software development

- Domain registration service
- Mail and communication servers
- Szerver hosting
- Webdesign
- Webhosting
- Webstorage to rent
- Operation of portals, sites


- Back-office services
- IT system administration services
- System monitoring
- System operation

Groupware servers

Our other services:
- Industrial automation
- Sign-board production
- Engraving, 3D cutting

Digital archiving
Data storage
Data rescue
Data processing
Data and document elimination
Data mining
Problem solving

Have you ever happend to you that your system doesn't start up at the most critical time?
Have you ever happend to you that you have deleted with on click the with hard work just on schedule finished dcument?
For the continuous operation of your business
on demand 7/24 we can solve your problem,
if it's nedded with immediate troobleshooting and repair

Repai of hardware and network faults

We solve your hardware problem from the survey of the faulst to the getting, installign and seeting up of the needed parts.
In case of longer repair time we can loan you similar items too.

Repair of software and data faults

We can solve your problem if you have lost or delete your datas, or you get software or incompatibility errors.

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