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Our service areas :

- Sales of hardware items
- Hardware maintenance and service
- Operation os servers


- Sales of software
- Software development

- Domain registration service
- Mail and communication servers
- Szerver hosting
- Webdesign
- Webhosting
- Webstorage to rent
- Operation of portals, sites


- Back-office services
- IT system administration services
- System monitoring
- System operation

Groupware servers

Our other services:
- Industrial automation
- Sign-board production
- Engraving, 3D cutting


Sales of hardware items

We have favorable conditions according to the needs of our partners in the purchase of the necessary information technology devices. We installing all programs, and we keep the system in good working condition.

Our Partners in system administration service are taking advantage of our hardware service that we offer. We offer considerable discounts with the cost of shopping.

The installation and the setup of the bought hardware and software are free of charge.

Repair service

  • Information technology devices repair and maintenance can be on as a special or can be a flat-rated tariff. These rates are in the field or with transport
  • Data transfer networks forming and its setting, its measurement, its debugging.
  • The correction of uninterruptible power supplies and its renovation

Full information technology resource and data transfer network

  • operation
  • setting
  • maintenance and
  • debugging

the supply of its tasks, according to an opportunity to get a rental device for the time of the correction.


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