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For small and middle size business,starting business and nonprofit organisations (foundation, society, alliance, club etc.) in the case of a 2 years determined duration contact the CONTRAS-XCHANGE Groupware Server offers the following services:


  • Full (open the door to use all the modules) CONTRAS-XCHANGE GROUPWARE Server service
  • one personal mailbox per User
  • one common mailbox for each company
  • 100 MB IMAP4 storage per mailbox (can be reached as POP3 too)
  • 200 MB additional web storage per company
    (beyond the mailbox storage,for software,datas, attachments and documents and for the security backup)
  • no traffic limit
  • Complete firts setup, and one-day on-line training / firm, company

Special Prices:

  • Joining fee: None (EUR 0 – USD 0)
  • Installing and setup fee: None (EUR 0 – USD 0)
  • Software fee: None (EUR 0 – USD 0)
  • Domain registration: on request
  • Webdesign, site construction:on request
  • domain service (DNS server) fee: None (EUR 0 - USD 0)
  • Storage rental fee: None (EUR 0 – USD 0)
  • Extra mailboxes and storage fee: depend on demand
  • Regular daily backup fee: None (EUR 0 – USD 0)
  • 2 hours system administration / Month: None (EUR 0 – USD 0)
  • Additional system operator/administrator service fee: EUR 40 – USD 50 / Hour
  • Additional training fee: depend on demand
  • Existing mailing migration (conversion and transfer): on request
  • Existing directory migration (conversion and transfer):on request
  • Documents preliminary upload: on request

The only costs, CONTRAS -XCHANGE Groupware Server service fee

  • for Organisations with less than 5 persons: EUR 145 – USD 185 / Month / Organisation
  • for Organisations with 5-10 persons: EUR 230 – USD 290 / Month / Organisation
  • for Organisations with 10-20 persons: EUR 325 – USD 410 / Month / Organisation
  • for Organisations with 20-40 persons: EUR 395 – USD 500 / Month / Organisation

Of course we are able to attend bigger organisations, in this case please ask our special price.


  • for nonprofit organisations we can offer a 50% discount of the server service fee in the first year,
  • for start up (established within one year) business we can offer 50% discount of the server service fee in the first six months


We have started the local and web based operation of professional Groupware servers which are compatible with Microsoft © Outlook , KDE © Kontact, Mozilla © Thunderbird clients and with syncml-able mobile device mailing - contact - task – calendar – documents sync. Our improved service is based on Open-Xchange GPL edition.

If you are looking for a groupware / teamwork software, with which all of your colleagues simply, with the usage of a software, bugdet, local and your undertaking knows it without temporal limits / your organisation's e-mailing, document and task treatment, and workflows to do, to coordinate projects and to control, opposite this not wants, or cannot spend a sum with a multimillion order of magnitude even the software and onto the purchasing of hardware, for more information send us an e-mail.

We offer you a ready to work managed server application – nearly just for the price of the web storage

  • which can co-operate, and automatically synchronize with several reach client softwares (Outlook, Kontact ©, Thunderbird ©) on different operating system (Microsoft © / Linux),
  • with which you are able to use off-line the synced data without compromise,
  • which is able to sync via Internet (WIFI, Wlan, GSM, GPRS) on a device with Windows © Mobile, PPC © ,Palm © operating system or a syncml standard device

You don't need to buy a server
You don't need to have host server
You don't need to buy server/system software
You don't need to buy client software
Do not have to struggling with the server and system administration, maintenance, settings and the updating
Do not need to employ a system administrator for CONTRAS-XCHANGE

Full server administration and system administration on request, you should concentrate only the effective use of the system.





Portal – Survey surface for the news and current tasks
Here you can find the users current tasks (events, meetings, projects) and new tasks relative to the user ( new mails, new events) with calendar. Search option in every module, folder user interface, button for create new items. (Portal)



Calendar – personal and shared (team) calendars
Events, meetings, files of things to be done, holiday, marking the time of occupation and all this can be shared with other users. (Calendar)



Contacts - Companies
Personal, shared and the formation of common mailing lists and his maintenance, the contacts (persons) and firms (companies) two-way and with his free linking, unique and general correspondent the formation of lists and keeping him in good repair according to the claims of the corporate function



Task manager – personal and the overall following of tasks affecting grou
The handler surface of general and project tasks (Tasks)




Project - management – the management of projects and project tasks
Into an identical circle owing, coherent tasks, the human one which is necessary to them, material and other resources project level his treatment, project following, project and team management, with graphical representation (Project)



Document handler, document collection
Personal and divided, even web with a browser on a surface on internet, you the client are connected by a machine(network) driving one available document collection the documents stored electronically and document samples, you have an archived even documents-contracts to your usage, can be categorised and library worked up according to a claim, or into a portfolio structure systematizing Documents)



Knowledge base – the collection of the useful inner informations
the collection of the useful inner informations (Knowledge base)




Can be categorised and library worked up according to a claim, or into a portfolio structure can be systematized, you are the only personal exterior substances used for a groupwork generally exterior references, bookmarks, link collection (Bookmarks)



The colleagues, a forum with an inner full value which can be used by users came up in the course of the work questions on-line or off-line onto your solution, onto an information exchange



Pin Board
On the users front page itemized appearing, billboard designated for it - messages are suitable for it, that the users authorised for it informations, let messages be sent to the selected application circle, when they registering on the front page they will see or not see, may not escape their attention in this manner (Pin board)


Pin board

Group Chat
Inside the company there can be small talks, possible one actor instant-messenger module it on-line to users' informative communication exclusively with the usage of server side applications (Group chat)



Webmail overall can be treated, with the portal interactive communication carrying on, and with it common resource- and mailing list using IMAP4 post office box (E-mail)




With the usage of the system,from the organisation/inside an undertaking with the accurate knowledge of current processes, the single tasks - for the incomes of projects and for his expenses up-to-date and may analyse the events influencing the undertaking's value easily with his plain following, creating a value for his undertaking with this.


Maximum data security and data protection
The maximum data security and in the interest of data protection for each client

  • 256 bits-es SSL data transfer channel
  • independent, separated server application
  • independent separated database
  • regular safety backup and archiving
  • continuous virus- and spam filtration of the mailboxes
  • according to a claim protection against the sender forgery

On a web surface overall service opportunity
The client has one browsing exclusively on the machine,the clients doesn't need an other application, in this manner the overall usage of the system and even on public place run, Internet from a computer at which achievement is feasible.The certain elements of the system (pl. the treatment of projects) in the deficiency of client programs with suitable knowledge only from the web surface can be realized, but the planning phase, that is after the compilation of the project the tasks general task with the classification of truth they into the task manager can be transferred, and in this manner with the users' client programs can be dubbed, traceable.

The overall achievement of workplace IMAP mailbox belonging to a system, integrating and treating are available to it by way of the user all resource-, name- and his mailing list.
The letters arriving into the post office box and they from among your enclosures the document collection may rescue the necessary ones onto the place of an equivalent with a button press, and may develop the necessary contacts.

Off-line data handling
The data and informations off-line in the interest of your usage overall calendar, task, name and mailing list, e-mail synchronisation the between many people with the next client programs:

  • Microsoft Outlook ®
  • Mozilla Thunderbird ®
  • KDE Kontact ®

Document collection which can be synchronized
The document collection a client joined onto the internet from machines network drive available, in this manner practically from all of the client's programs used on a machine can treat it in that manner, than the documents on the own machine.May store the documents used in the workflow in a separate portfolio, and they - with a suitable program - the work alley one stored on his own machine may keep it with documents in dubbing continuously, in this manner to the up-to-date variants person was eligible for it on all of them from anywhere may get at it.
The documents stored on the server onto the time of the modification made on them they can be frozen, in this manner they in parallel with somebody else a user may not modify it, or may not get at it with a client program. This function provides the opportunity of the avoidance of the modification collisions.

Plain function, fast, and easy to use
Onto the documents truth direct references (link) with a button press in email can be sent from the system, the documents stored on the server though email enclosure without it can be sent from the server longer, that they the client onto a machine let it be necessary to download it.

Elastic, the systematization which can be developed according to the task
In the interest of the systematisation all modules takes action the stored data and with the opportunity of the classification of informations.An object may belong to more categories naturally, in this manner the grouping according to the more viewpoints solvable.
The document collection the classification and implies it beyond the opportunity of normal coupling of the documents are attaching opportunity to more portfolios, because of this the logic order of the document collection systematized in this manner the exterior achievements (client programs, network drive truth coupling, webfolder-reaching) into his case assured.

Live bookmarks
Your favourite browser capable bookmarks stored in the system as "live bookmarks" to display, in this manner from the computer of the sides set there without a separate search available

The synchronization of mobile (mobile phone, PDA etc.) devices
The up-to-date one I am given in the interest of dubbing it on all used electronic device on internet happening, overall, computer not demanding, in this manner practically from anywhere feasible, two-way calendar, task, name and mailing list synchronisation possible on all of them, SyncMl (server basis synchronisation) mobile phone applying a standard, onto the internet (on a local area network, on GPRS, WiFi-n , WLAN-on stb. cross) to join with capable device, the owner has unlimited private access plus public access, central and divided mailing lists, tasks and in the look of events:

  • Mobile phones,
  • Smartphones,
  • Palm computers,
  • Hand-held computers

 Under the next operating systems:

  • Windows® Mobile (WM),
  • Pocket PC® (PPC),
  • Palm®,
  • Blackerry®

CRM functionality

  • Your data, Your informations the undertaking/for an organisaton function, according to your construction, can be categorise with flexibility

  • the system main frame, with your dynamic link usage with an optional number and direction all of the data stored in the system may create a contact, firm - person - task - document - note - project - knowledge base element - bookmark - and forum between an entry, that for example to the single case or to a client owing all information this is your entitlement, you can be on one or more places being visible-available promptly, without it being necessary to look for them separately in the different modules

  • On all of them,you can register character person to firms switchable, and the list of the persons bound to the identical firm, or the list of the firms bound to the person is available to the details of the contact on your side

  • There is regular contact kept and with your interest of information in a system mailing list ,with an optional number which can be brought into existence and with single firms, or the members of a mailing list with optional number may be contacts


Our informatics scope of activity with system administrator services, archiving, data medium and with a document annihilation activity, and several office ones were expanded by a background service..

In the interest of undertaking for the insurance of your continuous functioning ability, and that let you be able to concentrate on the undertaking's basic activity, we do it for you:

  • for the undertaking's full informatics system (hardware - software - network) your system supervision, the in conformity with development of need, your setting, your maintenance and your servicing,
  • paper basis the digital archiving of document substances, in this manner they into a record office can be put you are according to a claim nothing, despite this they in a digital format any time and anywhere available will be,
  • the data protection one, you are delicate in terms of trade secret documents implying data, magnetic and optical digital data mediums guaranteed and documented, your annihilation which cannot be restored,
  • For their clients, for their future clients to be sent, a big amount (advertisement, guide, settlement, report) substances even your regular preparation, your printing, mechanical enveloping and one according to need,your mailing / your dispatch,
  • the periodical data rescue of the data which are necessary for the firm's function, your archiving and the storage of the safety rescues according to need,
  • we prepare it according to a claim - we prepare your documents - your documentations,
  • according to need virtual office, or we provide a secretarial service for the undertaking

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